Shop Open throughout Refurbishment

March 21st, 2012

Hunstanton Models remains open as usual despite an on-going refurbishment programme.

Regular customers to the Hunstanton Model Shop will notice a dramatic difference as they cross the threshold.

Now that new owners, Anthony and Stella Gooch have had some time to get their feet under the table, Hunstanton Models is moving onwards and upwards and visitors to Hunstanton who “discover” us whilst visiting the town say they are glad to find “a real model shop” (their words!) particularly as so many are sadly closing throughout the UK.

The shop is currently undergoing a refurbishment programme and already things are improving rapidly.  We hope visitors to the shop will appreciate that the shop environment appears lighter, brighter and more spacious.  As work progresses, customers will more easily be able to browse the displays and locate what they are looking for and a wider range of choice will be more visible.

Our standard range of products continue to cover a range of remote control cars, planes, boats, helicopters and tanks as well as:

– plastic models such as Airfix and Revell
– match model kits
– modelling accessories including tools, glues and a comprehensive range of Humbroll paints
– a range of Scalextric gift sets plus cars and accessories for growing an existing set
– diecast Oxford and Corgi vehicle
– kites
– railway products from Hornby, Bachmann, Farish and Piko (for the garden railway enthusiast).  Model railway sizes include 0 gauge, 00 gauge, 0H gauge, N gauge, T gauge, G gauge. An extensive range of model railway items are also available including track, modelling scenery, model buildings, model people, tools and many other related accessories

In addition to the regular product ranges, Hunstanton Models now has more choice of hobbyist product ranges including:

– arts & crafts gift sets
– quality supplies for artists including portable easels, quality oil and water-based paints
– educational skeletal models which clip together
– dolls houses and dolls furniture and accessories
– 3D cardboard models (some with LED lighting) of famous landmarks such as Tower Bridge, Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Whitehouse, Big Ben and more

Once completed, the shop will have a new look front window with a model railway as part of the display.  Thank you to all customers and browsers for your patience thus far.  We feel that the refurbishment is now at a stage where there is little or no inconvenience to our customers but work continues for a little while yet.

This season Hunstanton Models will launch a new e-shop at  You will even be able to buy gift vouchers on ine for  use in the shop.  This e-shop will develop over the course of the year and should go live for Easter 2012.

Micro DV Camera by Ripmax available

October 5th, 2011

Micro DV Camera - ideal for mounting to even the small models

Now available at Hunstanton Models at just £37.50, the tiny Micro DV Video Camera is perfect for mounting to even small models for in flight recording of both video and audio and offers amazing quality playback for a camera this small and light – only 20 grams in weight!

Charging the built in battery is quick and easy from your computer view the included USB lead and the camera is supplied complete with 2GB Micro SD card as well as two different mounts, protective cover and full instructions on a mini CD. Compact, lightweight Micro DV camera.  This video camera records audio and 720 x 480 AVI format colour video and has high speed USB 2.0 data transfer.  It also has 30FPS video frame rate, built in Li-Po – 2-3 hours charge time and a USB cable is included with a mounting clip and bracket.  You can also charge this video camera from your USB euipped PC.

Peco quality line wagon kits now in

June 9th, 2011

Example of Peco Wagon Kits for assemblyPeco have a great range of quality line wagon kits and these are now available at Hunstanton Models.  The range includes two types of N gauge wagon kits – the 10ft and the 15ft wheelbase wagons.   They are quick and easy to assemble and surprisingly low in cost.

The Peco wagon kits are unpainted, unassembled versions of the famous Peco ready to run range.  The kits consist of a one piece body moulding, a one piece underframe/chassis, wheelsets and couplings.

In contrast, the 9ft wheelbase wagons are more traditional style kits with moulded components on sprues and require more assembly work to complete.

Full instructions are supplied with each Peco wagon kit.

Spitfire V2 from Art-Tech is a hit

June 9th, 2011
Art Tech Spitfire V2

Art Tech Spitfire V2 - suitable for 14+

Hunstanton Models is proud to announce that we have new in to the shop a new Spitfire model from Art-Tech.  Based on the graceful lines of the  Supermarine Spitfire, this remote controlled Spitfire V2 model is all the keen modeller and remote control pilot could want in a box.

This Spitfire model – suitable for 14 years plus – comes completely built just requiring the wings and wheels attaching.   The body is made from ultra strong Epo Flex foam for durability and it comes with 4 channel radio frequencies.

You will not be able to contain your excitement when it is finally assembled.  With super stable handling on both the ground and in the air your very own model Spitfire will soon be beating up the strip, looking out for the hun in the sun and admiring the superb scale like appearance in the air.

This fantastic model plane is yours for just 179.99 pounds sterling.

Gyroscope Volitation Helicopter – fun in a box

May 13th, 2011
Gyroscope Helicopter 9053

Gyroscope Helicopter 9053

Fly up, down, left, right, forward or backwards with this new 3 Channel Double Horse 9053 Helicopter. Its built in gyroscope control, gives you very precise accuracy! One battery charge gives you 10-15 minutes of fly time. The metal frame structure ensures the Double Horse 9053 Helicopter is better able to withstand crashes.

This helicopter is yours for just  £55.00.
However, at just £35.00 you could have fun with the smaller S032G.  This little helicopter is ridiculously easy to fly thanks to the gyro flyer.  Unlike flimsy polystyrene rivals, this revolutionary 3-channel R/C helicopter has a very sturdy metal body and advanced gyroscope, giving it an amazing stability in-flight. It is so simple that novice fliers will soon be enjoying themselves and see their new toy buzz around with the greatest of ease after just a few minutes and all for £35.00.

Maverick Blackout Monster Truck arrives at Hunstanton Models

May 13th, 2011
Maverick Blackout Monster Truck

Maverick Blackout Monster Truck

Monster Trucks have arrived at  Hunstanton Models.  The Maverick Blackout is the first large scale Monster Truck produced by Maverick and is set to rewrite the world of large scale remote control  Monster Trucks!

The Maverick Blackout features a class leading 30CC 2 stroke petrol engine, dual 20KG steering servos, full time 4 wheel drive and a an extra heavy duty fully countersunk chassis.

The Maverick Blackout continues it’s “best value for money” line with the inlcusion of a Maverick 2.4Ghz radio system.

Maverick Blackout Key Features:

  • Maverick 30CC engine
  • Maverick 2.4Ghz Radio System
  • Twin Maverick 20KG steering servos
  • Fully countersink heavy duty chassis
  • Fulltime 4 wheel drive
  • Maverick High RPM Clutch
  • Includes Maverick 6V Battery Pack and Charger

This Monster Truck is for the truly serious racer and all this for just £665.00.

If this is too much for you then why not look at the Maverick Strada  MT Evo – a ready to run smaller Monster Truck which we offer at a modest £125.00.   Maverick have improved on the original Strada MT Monster Truck . The NEW Strada MT Evo Monster Truck features 2.4GHz DSM radio technology allowing many RC cars to be raced together without the need for frequency crystals. The MT Evo also has optimised weight distribution and tougher gearing. The original tough 4WD shaft drive-chain has an improved moulded tub chassis for it to mount onto which boasts an all new layout. To complete the evolution the MT Evo also has a redesigned bodyshell with a brand new paint job.

New In: X-Ray anatomical models to learn from

April 27th, 2011
Revell X-Ray Horse

Revell X-Ray Horse Revell X-Ray Horse - actual model view

I was delighted to discover that Revell have a fresh new range designed to educate and inspire the modeller. Their X-ray Anatomy Models range not only bridges any generation gap but it really is for everyone and allows impressive insights into the fascinating anatomy of both humans and animals.

The five animal anatomy (horse, frog, crocodile, great white shark, tarantula) and four human anatomy model kits are designed as if the subject were viewed through an x-ray and involves no gluing and no painting as each pre-painted individual part snaps into place.

Revell X-Ray Horse - actual model view

Revell X-Ray Horse - actual model view

This means the model can be disassembled and rebuilt at leisure, making it great for repetitive learning use. The accompanying booklet gives guide construction times and provides a space to record your own time, suggesting that races could be fun in the future.  The small printing in the booklet and the science content may be challenging for younger children than the 8+ age rating for the range but, nevertheless, the actual model building is likely to be enjoyable for them.

These fascinating models are now available at Hunstanton Models and we very much hope that Revell will add to the existing range.  So how’s that for a great new gift idea?

Hunstanton Model Shop under new ownership

November 24th, 2010
On 18 October 2010, David Boldero sold the Hunstanton Model Shop to new owners, Anthony & Stella Gooch after building up the business for some 15 years.  David was sad to part with Hunstanton Models but was forced to do so because of family illness.  David will, however, be retaining his rights to Britains Toy Soldiers and will continue to do watch repairs and watch batteries.

Going Forward

Anthony – better known as Tony – will be playing the most prominent role in the business with continued focus on model railway products and accessories.  However, it is hoped that the future will enable a greater focus on the radio controlled plane, boat, helicopter, car and tank offerings along with accessories and support.  In addition, dolls houses and miniature furniture are now available at Hunstanton Models.  If customers wish to purchase specific items these can often be ordered in as requested if they are not currently available in the shop.