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DCC02 Prodigy Advance Package Demo

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Advance Booking Essential for Gaugemaster Demonstration of DCC02 Prodigy Advance Package Demo

Ideally suited to OO/HO ad N Gauge Model Railways, the Prodigy Advance consists of three elements.  The Power Supply transforms the power from your mains socket ready for the Base Unit, which contains all the technology you need to send DCC commands to your trains and accessories.  The Walkaround Controller, which plugs straight in to the Base Unit will send your commands on to the relevant decoder on your railway layout.  You control the speed and direction of your trains from there.

DCC offers a numeric address for each of your locomotives which is selected as and when you wish to operate a particular loco.  DCC allows you to run it anywhere on your railway at the same time as other trains are moving.  You can operate points (individually or route set) and signals from the Walkaround.  Use it to programme your decoders to replicate the running characteristics of your locos, or perhaps introduce a speed clock which allows you to run a 24 hour timetable within one operating session.  Add additional Prodigy Advance Walkarounds (DCC14) by purchasing separately.  The DCC02 is a very popular DCC system and now features a backlit Walkaround as standard.

See the DCC02 up close for yourself and talk personally to Kevin Player from Gaugemaster at our specially arranged demonstration on Saturday, 16 April 2016.  PLEASE BOOK IN ADVANCE by calling 01485 533324.

DCC Demo advert 16 April 2016 600x803

  • INPUT: 15-16v DC 3.5 amps
  • OUTPUT: DCC signal with 14.5v amplitude for OO/HO and N scale
  • MAXIMUM CURRENT: 3.5 amps
  • ADDRESS CAPABILITY: 2 digit (1-127) or 4 digit (1-9999)
  • SPEED STEPS: 14/28/128

“Steam Up” Event Planned for 12 Dec 2015

Friday, December 11th, 2015
Model Steam Engine in Brass and Copper

Model Steam Engine in Brass and Copper

Imagine our surprise when Mr Bruce Basson walked into the shop to show us his beautifully made brass/copper model steam engine.  It transpired that Mr Basson and his friends who make up North West Norfolk Steamers meet once a month and share their love of all things to do with steam engineering.  The group also go round the various garden events in the summer months to show off their models and memorabilia.

Some of your may be interested to note that Mr Basson and his friends are visiting Hunstanton Methodist Church to host a “Steam Up”.  There will be lots to see and talk about for model railway/steam engineering enthusiasts from:

2-5pm on Saturday, 12 December 2015.  Entry is free but donations to the church are, of course, appreciated

Tony Gooch and Bruce Basson Admire the Model Steam Engine

Tony Gooch and Bruce Basson Admire the Model Steam Engine